Sunday, August 30, 2009

Julie and Julia

Friday, I went to go see Julie & Julia, a funny movie about cooking and blogging. The movie was so funny i couldn't even breath . I laughed so hard and so much. My best bud Hannah was laughing her head off too, just like her mother. One part was so funny, I was turning red. What happened was, Julie was making lobsters and she put them in the pot and got close to it and it POPPED right into the air and almost hit her. It was HILARIOUS! Another part was even funnier. Another TV show was making fun of Julia the famous cook, so the host was dressed up like Julia and was "boning" a duck. As he was cutting the duck he cut his finger and said "I cut the dickens out of my finger", and blood was going everywere! I almost fell out of my chair. Hannah and I both enjoyed the movie. If you go and see it you will love it.

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