Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

This summer I went to The Great Wolf Lodge! It was awesome, you wouldn't believe how exciting it was. The rooms were so cool! We got a kid cabin room, it had a little room for the kids that was like a cabin. It had a bunk bed on the right, and a day bed on the left. There was a T.V. in the middle. Of course I slept on the top bunk. Then in the other room was a gigantic adult bed for my mom and stepdad. Beside the adult bed was a pull out couch bed for my sisters. Outside there was a balcony with an awesome view of the Tornado waterslide. There was a huge plasma screen T.V. for the parents, and a little eating table beside it. We definitely rode every waterslide there. Mostly just me and my stepbrother Ryan rode the slides. My younger stepbrother was too scared and my parents were watching my sisters. Plus my mom was pregnant with my little brother Elijah. We swam in every pool also. There was an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, a wave pool, a kiddie pool, a waterslide playground that had a 100 gallon giant bucket that fills up, and dumps all over you. We rode the waterslide on the playground about 3 or 4 times. We did the waterslide races, and we rode the Tornado! It was pretty scary. We also rode River canyon run, which was almost just as scary as the Tornado. Oh and guess what? My name was one of the rides! :) It was called Fort Mackenzie. The wave pool was O.K. I mean I got on the float and the waves pushed me, but the problem was I couldn't get back up to the deep part, because the waves kept pushing me back. They also had lilypads and logs that you are supposed to cross without falling in the water. I could do that really fast. The outdoor pool only went to 3 feet, but it was still fun. OH!, and don't let me forget the food!!! The food was delicious! Like the Loose Moose, they have the best food ever. Just ask my stepbrother Ryan about the ribs. He will be happy to tell you. The donuts from Dunkin Donuts were great and they came in so many different varieties. The lodge had so many activities going on, like story time, and , making stuff, and much more. We also went to Outdoor World (AKA) Bass Pro Shop, and we got to look around and get a cool Bass pro shop T-shirt. We saw a HUGE catfish! Then we explored the mall! Yay! After that we went back to the Lodge. We had begged and begged and begged for 3 wands to play the ultimate game Magiquest, where you go around the whole building and go on cool quests, to find stuff! When you find what you’re looking for you point at it with your wand, and what you point at lights up and speaks to you! How exciting is that? Very! We only got 1 wand but I didn't care I just wanted to play the game. Everywhere you look you see someone playing the game. The There's much more at the Lodge, but you have to go and see it for yourself. :)

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